Arrested for Still

KELLEYS ISLANDERS FINED FOR STILL – Sept. 16, 1934 – John Ditchey (80 years old) and William Becker arrested during the island’s centennial celebration Labor Day. George Bier and Vern Huber awaiting trial.


Life on Kelleys – The Emerald Isle News – made its debut on Kelleys Island in May 2023. Along with some regular features, there is coverage of events, a history column, and all the local news you could want. Published during the summer (with some extra issues thrown in) by Gerald & Victoria Rovder with… Continue reading LIFE ON KELLEYS

Erie Echo

The Erie Echo was a school newspaper that was published by The News in Vermilion. It was produced by the high school seniors of each school in Erie County Ohio. Originally published every six weeks during the school from 1924 to 1931. Contributing school districts included Berlin Hts., Birmingham, Florence, Huron, Kelleys Island, Margaretta, Milan… Continue reading Erie Echo


OUR SCHOOLPhotos, yearbooks, commencement notices and more. Pretty much everything I could find. This was a project I undertook for the Kelleys Island History Museum a year or so ago. At one time there were four school districts, most were simple one room buildings.Chose your decade and explore our school’s history, through yearbooks, photos, commencement… Continue reading OUR SCHOOL


THE PUT-IN-BAY GAZETTE – Leslie has been writing a news column for this monthly newspaper for over 25 years! These articles cover Island news, Council meetings, events, and much more. In the earliest days, before email (can you imagine), I would have to mail or fax articles over to them. As with most reporters, my… Continue reading PUT-IN-BAY GAZETTE


THE VILLAGE OF KELLEY’S ISLAND – OFFICIAL RECORDS Did you ever wonder what they talked about at the Township and Council meetings of long ago? The full Minutes books are located at the Village Office. But… Thanks to our local author and historian, Leslie Korenko, we have transcriptions of some of the more interesting parts of the… Continue reading VILLAGE MINUTES


THE KELLEGIAN – Published by the Kelleys Island School in 1950-1951, only a few issues exist. These were donated by Iola Riedy. You’ll note that many have the name Jay Norris written at the top. Jay lived next to Iola on Division St. Kellegian contentsFebruary 1951March 1951April 1951May-June 1951December 1951January 1952February 1952April 1952


The Ki-Hi News was published between 1936 and 1937. Very few issues survive. January 1936April 28, 1937Description of contents


THE SCHOOL SPIRIT – The School Spirit was published by the students of the Kelleys Island school between 1963 and 1965. Part of each paper was devoted to school news, community news, and Island history. The School Spirit contentsDecember-January 1963September 1964October-November 1964December 1964February 1865March 1965April 1965June 1965


THE ISLANDER II published between 1937-1938             The first page described why this was undertaken. The publication for which this is written, it, in a certain sense a rebirth or resurrection of an earlier Kelleys Island periodical called “The Islander. ”You are probably wondering what prompted us to start such a venture on Kelleys Island. … Continue reading ISLANDER II