CONTENTS 1877-1884

CONTENTS 1877-1884
Looking for someone or something? Here are the contents of Book 5
Kelleys Island – 1877-1884 The fire; the Great Grooves; & a mysterious disappearance by Leslie Korenko

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100 Day Men; 7th Regiment O. N. G; A & P Telegraph Co; Ajax; Alaska; Fred Albers; Henry Albert; Henry Alberts; Alcohol; Aurel Altman; American Eagle; American Wine Co; American Wine Vinegar Co; Ancient Order of Hibernians; Anna Robertson; Anna Haley; Annie Robertson; Barbara Anwanderer; Charles Anwanderer; Humgunde Anwanderer; Apples; Ark; Arkansas; Margaret Armond; William Armstrong; Assault; Josephin Auchener; George Axtell; William Axtell
B. F. Ferris; Charles Balfour; Ball alley; Ballast Island; Bankruptcy; Barber shop; Barn; E C Barnard; Mary Barnhop; Barry saloon; Robert Barry; George Barsch; Anna Barsche; Agnes Bartche; Agnes Bartchi; Edward Bartchi; Agnes Bartsche; Daniel Bartsche; Elizabeth Bartsche; Jacob Bartsche; John Bartsche; Milton Bartsche; Titus Bartsche; Frederick Basch; Julia Basch; George Basche; Base ball; H L Bates; Bath house; Dina Bauer; Elizabeth Bauer; Henry Bauer; Otto Bauman; Samuel Bauman; Thomas Bauman; Bay Bridge; Bay City; Beatty wine cellar; Andrew Beatty; Arthur Lewis Beatty; Aurilla Beatty; Catherina Beatty; Christina Beatty; Henry Beatty; Lewis Beatty; Louis Beatty; Mary Beatty; Rosella Beatty; William B. Beatty; Becker Winery; Arthur C Becker; Carrie Becker; Hannah Laura Becker; Katherine Becker; Norbert Becker; Philipina Becker; Philomena Becker; William Becker; Willie Becker; Bees; Belle King; Rev Belt; Elisabeth Bender; Berry Bros; Patrick Berry; Peter Bestit; Anna Betterer; Elizabeth Betzenheimer; Frank Betzenheimer; John Betzenheimer; Billiards; Bird Bluebird; Bird; Robins; Bird swallows; Bishop photographer; Mr & Mrs Bixby; Anna Bixley; Black bass; Blacksmith; Daniel Blatt; Elisabeth Blatt; Eliza Blatt; Elizabeth Blatt; Ernest Walter Blatt; John Blatt; John William Blatt; Norman Blatt; Hon. S S Bloom; Blue birds; Board of Education; Boarding house; Boat house; Boat race; flat bottom boat; Julie Bochk; Bogardus Glass Ball; Capt A H Bogardus; Laura Marie Boker; Marla Boker; William Boker; Barbara Bookerman; Charley Bookerman; Charlie Bookerman; George Bookerman; Jacob Bookerman; Alfred Boos; Christ Boos; R A Boos; Alfred Boose; Anna Borschet; Anna Borshett; Boschen’s dock; Mrs Bosworth; J D Bourne; Bowling alley; Mr Bowman; Margaret Bradshaw; Michael Brand; Brandy; Catawba Brandy; Margareth Brannon; Maryann Brannon; Fredericka Bremar; Bridget Brennan; Margaret Brennan; Michael Brennan; Theresa Brennan; Mary Brennon; Katherina Brinckmann; Addie Bristol; Addison Bristol; Electa Bristol; George Bristol; Jennie Bristol; Emma Brockhorn; Mary Broderick; Bronchitis; J H Brooke; Walter Brown; Brown wine cellar; Brown winery; Albert Brown; Alma Brown; Ann Brown; Anna Brown; Bertha Alma Brown; Captain; Geo A Brown; Caroline Brown; Charles Brown; Clara Brown; Clarence Brown; Davis Brown; Emma Brown; Ernest Brown; Florence Brown; Florina Brown; Hugo Brown; Lee Brown; Lena Brown; Louis Brown; Lucy Brown; Mary Brown; O Brown; Otto Brown; Rhea Brown; Roland Brown; Rosa Brown; Walter Ernst Brown; William Brown; Bucket brigade; Buckeye College; Buckeye Mutual Insurance Co; Alfred Buess; Henrietta Buess; John Buess; Susan Buess; Buggy; Captain Bulie; Bull: Orange Bashaw; Frederick Bunke; Burger winery; Christine Burger; John Burger; William Burger; Stevenson Burk; Judge Burke; Daniel Burns; Butcher
C. H. Johnson; Lawrence Cable; Cal Davis; Calico Apron Parties; Calkins & Co; George W Calkins; George W Calkins & Co; Lydia Calkins; Calkins; Younglove & Hickox; Michael Caly; Cameron cottage; Cameron House; Andres Cameron; Andrew Cameron; Jean Cameron; Jennie Cameron; John Cameron; Margaret Cameron; Margareth Cameron; Nettie Cameron; Camp Carpenter; Camp Hartung; Camp Kellisle; Camp Patmos; Candy; Card playing; Carp; Carpenter; Alida Carpenter; Caroline Carpenter; Charles Carpenter; Lester Carpenter; Mary Carpenter; Mollie Carpenter; Sallie Carpenter; Sarah Carpenter; Lester Carpenter; Carpenter’s dock; Carpenter’s Grove; Carpenter’s Point; Carpenter’s brandy distillery; Col. F S Case; Annie Casey; Catawba; Catawba Island; H Cattanach; Mrs M J Cattanach; Cattle; Cemetery; Census; Central Telephone Co; F Vaclav Chaloupka; Champagne; William Chapille; Elisabeth Chapman; Charles Carpenter; Charles Hinckley; Charles Morgan; Checkers; Cherry; Chief Justice Waite; Chisholm Cottage; Hattie Chisholm; S H Chisholm; Stewart Chisholm; Cholera Infantum; Christmas Tree; Lena Christofel; Fanny Christophal; Father V Chuloupka; Catholic Church; Congregational Church; First Congregational Church; German Church; German M. E. Church; German Methodist Church; German Reform Church; Lutheran Church; Methodist Church; St Michael’s Church; Church; Union Evangelical; Zion Church; City of Brussels; D P Clapp; Alvin Clark; Diodate Clark; James F Clark; James G Clark; Clemons brothers; Cleveland breakwater; Cleveland Cadets base ball club; Cleveland Light Artillery; Cleveland Museum of Natural History; Cleveland Rolling Mill; Clinton; Clough & Warran organ; Coal; L M Cobb; F W Cogswell; Col Cook; H Colby; William Coles; Collector of Custom; Capt E. R. Collins; Captain Collins; Carli Collins; Carlie Collins; E F Collins; E R Collins; Edward Collins; F R Collins; Frank Collins; Jennie Collins; Colorado; Constable; Consuello; Consumption; Hon. F. W. Cook; Isaac Cook; Cooper shop; Copper; Anna Cordes; Corn; Cornell; Warren Corning; January Coutcher; Camille Cow; Jersey Cow; Cows; James Craig; Ernest Crandall; Julia Crandall; Marshal Crandall; Daniel Cropper; Joan Cropper; Patrick Cropper; Paul Cropper
Anna Daily; Catherina Daily; Honora Daily; John Daily; Michel Daily; Honora Daly; John Daly; Mary Daly; Michael Daly; Thomas Daly; Danbury station; Dance; Gallopade Dance; German Dance;German Waltz Dance; Grand Ball Dance; Irish Jig Dance; Lanciers Dance; Quadrille Dance; round Dance; Waltz Dance; Dancing; Dancing pavilion; Charles David; Joseph David; Katie David; Henry Davis; Edward E Day; Robert G Day; Abigail Dean; Anna Dean; Charles Dean; Chester Dean; Clara Dean; Cora Dean; Datus Dean; Eliza Dean; Horace Dean; Jerry Dean; John Dean; Lucius Dean; Marcella Dean; Mary Ann Dean; Oscar Dean; Perry Dean; Sarah Dean; Deer Look Lane; Delilah Deffenbach; Belden Delamater; Delaware Mutual Insurance Co; Katherina Demerline; Democratic Convention; Carolina Denger; Marg Denger; William Denger; Dentist; Carl Denzer; Caroline Denzer; George Denzer; John William Denzer; Mary Denzer; William Denzer; John Derbin; Arnold Sigmund Deringer; John Deringer; Maria Deringer; Theodore J Deringer; Jacob Dieffenbach; Jennie Dieffenbach; Nelly Dieffenbach; J Diffenbuch; Anna Diffley; Annie Diffley; James Diffley; John Diffley; Peter Diffley; William Diffley; Diphtheria; Augusta Dischinger; Alma [Laura] Dishinger; Augusta Dishinger; Auguste Dishinger; Fred Dishinger; Frederick Dishinger; Christine Disterhoff; Peter Ditchey; Clare Ditchy; Jay Ditchy; Jerome Ditchy; John Ditchy; Peter Ditchy; Divorce; Carpenter’s Dock; elevated Dock; north side Dock; steamboat Dock; West Bay Dock; Wine Co Dock; Doctor; Charles Dodge; Henrietta Dodge; Maria Dodge; Otto Dodge; Sophia Dodge; Gus Does; Dr Donahoe; Ellen Doran; Minna Dow; Dramatic Club; Dress maker; E Dressel; Drilling machine; Patrick Drohen; Susan Drohen; Thomas Patrick Drohen; Patrick Drohm; Susan Drohm; Thomas Patrick Drohm; Dropsy; Anthony Ducat; Mary Ducat; Morris Ducat; Duffy; Edward Duignan; John Duignan; Margaret Duignan; Margareth Duignan; Mary Duignan; Mary Amelia Duignan; Mary Eliza Duignan; Mary Elizabeth Duignan; Mary Emilia Duignan; Patrick Duignan; Thomas Duignan; Mary Dunn; Mary Dusean; Jane Dussiau; Ira Dutcher; A P Duysing; Anton Duysing; Henry Duysing; Dwelle farm Marblehead; Alonzo Dwelle; B F Dwelle; Captain Dwelle; Fannie Dwelle; Fanny Dwelle; George F Dwelle; Hattie Dwelle; Hubbard Dwelle; J T Dwelle; Jared Dwelle; Jean Dwelle; Lena Dwelle; Lydia Dwelle; Mina Dwelle; Minnie Dwelle; Norman Dwelle; Pearl Nelson Dwelle; S S Dwelle; Sylvester Dwelle; Wilhemina Dwelle; Dwelle’s dock
Eagle; Charles Eckhardt; Eclipse; Eldred Vineyard; A J Eldred; Aaron Eldred; Eldred Andrew; Eldred Hermanus; J A Eldred; Jothan Eldred; M J Eldred; Mary Eldred; Mary Jane Eldred; Election; Electricity; Elfer’s Store; Elfer’s Hotel; Alma Elfers; Carolina Elfers; Charles Walter Elfers; Constable Elfers; Frederick Elfers; Henry Elfers; Marla Elfers; Rosella Elfers; Walter Elfers; Barbara Theresa Emlinger; Elizabeth Hesse; Ella M Smith; Sophia Ellemann; Maria Elling; Mary Elling; Elminger’s shoe shop; Ferdinand Elmlinger; Fred Elmlinger; Maria Elmlinger; Mary Elmlinger; R Elmlinger; Embezzlement; Ferdinand Emlinger; Maria Emlinger; Enright; Erie C; Annual Exposition; Erie Sand & Gravel Co; Carl Erne; Erysipelas; Adeline Estes; James Estes; Excelsior Society; Exchange; Express office
Michael Falvey; Clara Fann; Dr Fann; George C Fann; Louise Fann; Mary Fanning; Farciot & Wehrle; Charles Farciot; Rachel Farciot; Theresa Farciot; Theresia Farciot; Misses Farley; Emma Farr; Fashions; Herman Featherson; Mary Feddersen; Christ Fedderson; Christian Fedderson; Herman Fedderson; Mary Anna Fedderson; Ferrets; Ferris; Fire; bucket brigade; Fireworks; First Mission Church; Charles Fischer; Edward Fischer; Sophia Fischer; Fish; Fish culture; Fish hatchery; Fish house; Fish pounds; carp Fish; pickerel Fish; salmon Fish; white Fish; Fisherman; pound Fishing; sport Fishing; Francis Fitzgerald; Eliza Flinn; Flux stone; Honora Flynn; Fodder; Ellen Foley; John Foley; Mary Ann Foley; Catherine Fosenfelder; Hon Charles Foster; Simon Fox; Fox’s dock; Franz Sigel; Re. C H Frazer; Rev Charles Frazer; Robert Freer; Fremont; Fresno California; Captain Freyensee; Captain William Freyensee; George Samuel Fribolin; Katherina Fribolin; William Fribolin; Fruithurst; Mary Amelia Fry; Mary Ann Fuller; James Fullerton
Edward Gallagher; George W Gardner; J W Garret; Gaslights; Gazelle; Earl Wilson Gehrkens; Elizabeth Gehrkens; Frederick Gehrkens; General Store; Geo W Bissell; German Reform Society; William Gervin; Ghost; Gibralter Island; Gill net; Gilmore; Maria Gimbert; Gin; John Girvin; Glacial groove; Glass ball shoot; Henry Gobrmegge; Wilhema Gobrmegge; John Hermann Gobrnegge; George Gobruegge; Henry Gobruegge; Wilhelmine Gobruegge; Golden Eagle; Captain L B Goldsmith; Frank Good; E G Goodsell; E J Goodsell; Gooseberries; Anna Isabella Gorman; Mary Gorman; Walter Gorman; Government Life Saving Station; Caleb E Gowen; Grape beetle; Grape crop; Grape harvest; Grape juice; Grape rot; Grape shears; Grape wire; black Grape; Catawba Grape; Clinton Grape; Concord Grape; Delaware Grape; Greeley Rot; Hartford Grape; Iona Grape; Isabella Grape; Ives Grape; Lady Washington Grape; Grape mildew; Niagara Grape; Norton Grape; Oporto Grape; Grape Phylloxera; red Grape; Grape; Wilder Rogers’ No. 4; Grapes & willow twigs; Grapes; Catharina Grau; Lynn Griswold; Michel Guerin; Guitar; George Gulick; Mary Gulick
H. F. Merry; H. P. Baldwin; Don Haas; Jacob Haas; Edith Maud Hafford; Viola Haig; Catherine Haley; John Haley; Mary Haley; William Haley; Frances E Hall; L A Hall; Anna Haly; Annie Haly; Albert Hamilton; Ann Hamilton; Bertha Hamilton; Catherina Hamilton; Catherine Hamilton; Clayton J Hamilton; Dean Hamilton; Dwayril Hamilton; Elbert Hamilton; Eliza Hamilton; Elmer Hamilton; Ernest Leroy Hamilton; Gussie Hamilton; Hattie Hamilton; Hazel Hamilton; Helen Hamilton; Helena Hamilton; James Hamilton; Jane Hamilton; June Hamilton; Katherine Hamilton; Kitty Hamilton; Laura Hamilton; Lloyd Hamilton; Lloyd Dean Hamilton; Marjorie Hamilton; Milorn Hamilton; Raymond Hamilton; Robert Hamilton; Sabra Hamilton; Samuel Hamilton; Sarah Hamilton; Theodore Hamilton; Titus Hamilton; Virginia Hamilton; William R Hamilton; Willie Hamilton; Wilson Hamilton; Rev Haneker; Emma Hann; Anna Hansen; Louisa Hanser; Harbor of Refuge; A M Harmon; Will Harney; Mary Jane Harris; Gottlieb Hart; Hartshorn’s dock; Wesley ‘Boss’ Hartung; Captain Harvey; James Harvey; Janet Harvey; Will Harvey; Agnes Hauser; Annie Hauser; Ellen Hauser; Emma Hauser; Frank Hauser; Frederick A Hauser; Jacob Hauser; John Hauser; Katherine Hauser; Leo Frederick Hauser; Hay; Albertus Hayes; Catherine Hayes; Ellen Hayes; Hamilton Hayes; Jacob Hayes; Jake Hayes; President Hayes; Sylvester Hays; Heart Disease; August Heckerman; Celia Sophia Heckerman; Mary Heckerman; Mary Ann Heckerman; Mary Etta Heckerman; Anna Heinrich; Edna Heinrich; Gottfried Heinrich; Andre Henderson; Andrew Henderson; Aurel Henderson; Doctor Henderson; Dr Sarah Henderson; Henry Henderson; Levina Henderson; Minnie Henderson; Otis Henderson; Walter Henderson; Elizabeth Hendry; James Hendry; Herring; Elizabeth Hess; Elisa H Hesse; Herman Hesse; Sophia Hesse; Hibernian Ball; Hickox & Co; Charles Hickox; F T Hickox; Laura Hickox; R W Hickox; Hill; Father Hill; Laura Hills; Himmelein Hotel; Himmelein House; Himmelein Saloon; Charles Himmelein; Helen Himmelein; Jennie Himmelein; Johanna Himmelein; John Himmelein; Philip Himmelein; Richard Himmelein; Ted Himmelein; Theo Himmelein; Carrie Hipp Haag; Anna Hipp; Caroline Hipp; Charles Hipp; Frank Hipp; Leonard Hipp; Mary Hipp; Mary Ann Hipp; History of The Fire Lands; Mary Hitchcock; Frank Hamilton; Isaac Hobbs; James Hodgson; Hogs; Martin Holbrook; Martin K Holbrook; Mrs E C Holbrook; Hollender; F See also Charles Farciot; Holy Nativity BMV; Anna Holybach; Horse; Horse team; Charlie the Horse; Jack the Horse; Old John the Horse; Old Kate the Horse; Henry Houghton; Garrett Howard; Miss Howison; Emma Howlett; M Howlett; M P Howlett; Milt Howlett; M P Howlette; C L Hubbard; R Hubbard; Catherine Huber; Edward Huber; Lewis Huber; Andre Hudak; Baby Hughes; Bridget Hughes; George Hughes; John Hughes; Mary Hughes; Michael Hughes; Alfred K Huntington; Alice Huntington; Caroline Huntington; D K Huntington; Daniel Huntington; E K Huntington; Elzina Huntington; Emeline Huntington; Emma Huntington; Erastus Huntington; George C Huntington; Joseph Huntington; Mary Huntington; Mella Huntington; Simon Huntington; Theophanie Huntington; Huntington’s Pilgrim Hotel; Huntington’s Store; Mary Ann Hussey; Abbie Hussy; Charles Hutching; Theodosia Hynd
Ice boat; Ice bridge; Ice house; Ice Skating; Illinois Pneumatic Gas Co; Ina; Independent Order of Island Loafers; Independent Order of Odd Fellows; Indians; Inscription Rock; Insurance; Iron clad boat; Island House; Island House Hotel; Island Market; Islander; Islander II; Rudolph Iucker
J. S. Richards; J W Rush & Co; Jail; James Amadeus; Jay Cooke; John Jewett; H N Johnson; Henry Johnson; Henry N Johnson; Johnson’s Island; Henry Jordan; Caroline Jorski; Edward Jorski; Barbara Jucker; Bertha Jucker; Eliza Jucker; Henry Jucker; Henry Juker; Julia; Julia Willard; June flys; Fredricka Jungmann; Justice of the Peace
Kansas; John Karcher; Anna Kastning; Emma Kastning; Fred Kastning; Frederick Kastning; Johanna Ruth Kastning; Maria Kastning; Martha Kastning; Mary Kastning; Sophia Kastning; Anna Keating; Annie Keating; James Keating; Katherina Keating; Leonard Keating; Thomas Keating; Annie Keaton; James Keaton; Thomas Keaton; James Keatting; Kelley Island Lime & Transport Co; Kelley Island Lime Co; Kelley Island Quarry & Lime Co; Kelley Island Sporting Club; Kelley Island Wine Co; A S Kelley; Addison Kelley; Alfred S Kelley; Angeline Kelley; Ann Kelley; Charles Kelley; Chester Kelley; Darlene Kelley; Datus Kelley; Douglas O Kelley; Edward Kelley; Edwin Kelley; Elizabeth Kelley; Evy Kelley; F M Kelley; Florence Kelley; Frank Kelley; Franklin Kelley; Fred Kelley; George Kelley; Gussie Kelley; Gussy Kelley; H C Kelley; Hannah Kelley; Harmon Alfred Kelley; Hennie Kelley; Henry Kelley; Herman Kelley; Irad Kelley; Irving Jean Kelley; Julius Kelley; Laura Kelley; Margaret Kelley; Margareth Kelley; Martha Kelley; Mary Kelley; Mary Caroline Kelley; Norman Kelley; Samuel Kelley; Sara Kelley; W D Kelley; Will Kelley; William D Kelley; Zina Kelley; Kelley’s Hall; Kelley’s Island & Sandusky Cable Co; Kelley’s Island & Sandusky Cable Telegraph Co; Kelley’s Island Boat Club; Kelley’s Island Dramatic Club; Kelley’s Island Lime & Transport Co; Kelley’s Island Lime & Transport Co; Kelley’s Island Lime Co; Kelley’s Island Nine; Kelley’s Island Quarry & Lime Co; Kelley’s Island Stone & Lime Co; Kelley’s Island Wine Co; Kelleys Island & Sandusky Telegraph Co; Kelley’s Island band; Kelley’s Island Dramatic Club; Kelley’s Island Fish Producers Co-op; Baby Kennedy; Ellen Kennedy; John Kennedy; Marka Kennedy; Mary Kennedy; Mathias Kennedy; Mathis Kennedy; Michael Kennedy; William Kennedy; Maria Kessler; Marva Kessler; Mary Kessler; Magdalena Kiefer; Ernest King; Kirby Hall Bob Kleba; Jacob Koch; Justice of the Peace Koch; Elizabeth Koehler; John A Koehler; John Koehler; Bill Koenigseker; Martin Kolb; Christopher Koster; Harmon Koster; Herman Koster; Katherina Koster; Sarah Laura Koster; Sophia Koster; Wilhelmine Koster; Wilhema Koster; William Ernest Koster; Koster’s Dock; Koster’s Wine Cellar; Mathilda Kreutzinger; Joseph Kronthal; Christina Kuebler; Jacob Kuebler; Amelia Kuhl; John Kuhl; Laura Ida Kuhl; Phillipina Kuhl; Rev Kuhl; Matilda Kuntinzer
L. B. Crocker; Anna Laden; Ladies Sewing Society; Ladies Soldiers Aid Society; Ladies’ Library Association; Lakeside; A C Lamson; Lange Winery; Adolph P Lange; Albert Henry Lange; Annie Lange; Balbina Lange; Catherine Lange; Clara Marie Lange; Elizabeth Lange; Emma Lange; Frederick Lange; Henrietta Lange; Henry Lange; Maria Lange; Stella Marie Lange; Larned Kansas; August LaRock; Emma LaRock; Mary Ann LaRock; Rittie LaRock; Larocque/LaRock; August Larroque; Michel Lassack; Mathilda Lauer; Matilda Lauer; Laundry; Jacob Lawton; Lay Bros Fish Co; Lou C Dean; Lenk Wine Co-Toledo; Clara Leopard; Mary Leopard; Lewis & Dwelle’s dock; Charles Lewwe; Elizabeth Lewwe; Freddie Lewwe; Lotta Lewwe; Lottie Lewwe; Anna Leyden; Ellen Leyden; John Leyden; Margaret Leyden; Marka Leyden; Mary Leyden; Honora Leydon; Library; Library Association; Sandusky Library; Township Library; Lifeboat; Lightning; L D Limmerous; C M Lincoln; Colonel Lincoln; Elisabeth Lincoln; Emmet Lincoln; Joseph Lincoln; Marion Lincoln; Montgomery Lincoln; Nancy Lincoln; Sarah Lincoln; Zipporah Lincoln; Charles Lindecamp; Florence Lindecamp; Mary Anna Link; Liquor; Literary Association; Livery stable; F A Lockwood; Lodge; Long Point; Louise; Mary Luakosky; Abraham Ludlow; Michael Luschuk; Lyceum; Anna Lynch
M. Capron; Daniel Maag; Fredericka Maag; Julia Maag; William Maag; Mackey & Vroman; John Magerstrik; Capt F J Magle; Capt Fred Magle; Fred Magle; Frank Maher; Katherina Maher; Katie Maher; William Maher; Mail; Mail boat; Mail carrier; Catherine Malchi; Kitty Malchi; James Manning; Marblehead; Marblehead telephone; Mariner; Martin Power & Light Co; Allie Martin; Bridget Martin; Catherine Martin; Charles Martin; Fred Martin; Frederick Martin; Harriet Martin; I F Martin; J F Martin; James Martin; Julia Martin; Mary Martin; Mrs Frances Martin; Susan Martin; Mary Lydia; Masonic Order; Masquerade Ball; Lucille Mathews; Russ Matso; Matso’s Place; Mattie; Frederick Mauer; Catherine Maxwell; Ellen Maxwell; John Maxwell; Kate Maxwell; A T May; Ann May; Annie May; Anthony May; Bell May; Edward May; May John; Mike May; Thomas May; Willie May; Fred Mayer; Mathilda Mayer; Annie McAllister; Mary McAllister; Michael McAllister; O H McConnoughey; Mary McCormick; Rev Robert McCune; Eugene McFall; Will H McFall; McGettigan winery; Barney McGettigan; Daniel McGettigan; Edward James McGettigan; James McGettigan; Joe McGettigan; Katie McGettigan; Margaret McGettigan; Mary McGettigan; Rosa McGettigan; William McGettigan; Robert McGinnity; Sarah McGore; Sarah McGory; McGraw & Rankin; Norbert McKillips; Annie McLaughlin; Michael McLaughlin; Thomas McLaughlin; Annie McMahon; Michael McMahon; William McMahon; Captain McNelly; Catherine McNulty; Measles; Mrs Hugh Meek; August Meier; Memorial park; Johann Mendinger; E B Merriam; Edmund B Merriam; Father Mertz; Meteor; Anna Meyer; Auguste Meyer; Christopher Benjamin Meyer; Edna Meyer; Fred Meyer; Fredric Meyer; Herman Meyer; John H Meyer; Lydia S Meyer; Mathilda Meyer; Michigan Fish Commission; Middle Bass Island; Middle Island; Adam Miller; Elizabeth Miller; Humgunde Miller; John Miller; Katherine Miller; Magdalena Miller; Mischief; Daniel Mischler; Elizabeth Mischler; Lizzie Mischler; Mischler’s Meat Market; Mistletoe Bough; Bridgit Monaghan; Christian Monaghan; Christopher Monaghan; Eliza Monaghan; James Monaghan; John Monaghan; Julia Monaghan; Julie Monaghan; Lizzie Monaghan; Margaret Monaghan; Mary Monaghan; Patrick Monaghan; Terrence Monaghan; Theodosia Monaghan; William Monaghan; Monarch Wine Co; Charles Moneghan; Christian Moneghan; Christopher Moneghan; John Moneghan; Mary Moneghan; Monitor; Captain Monk; Monk’s ship yard; Moon; O E Moore; Ort Moore; Orton Moore; Rosette Moore; Anna Mootz; Annie Mootz; Earl Mootz; Elizabeth Mootz; Emma Mootz; John Mootz; Katherine Mootz; Lewis Mootz; Louis Mootz; Peter Mootz; Sarah Mootz; William Mootz; Patrick Moran; Jane Morausse; Joseph Morausse; Permilia Phyllis Morausse; Morning Lark; Morning Star; Gordon Moross; Mother of Sorrows; Mary Mott; Mrs M C Mott; William L Mott; Mouse Island; Alfred Moysey; Bertha Moysey; David R Moysey; John Moysey; Lynn Dennison Moysey; R R Moysey; Robert Moysey; Russell Moysey; Sallie Moysey; Susan Moysey; Will Moysey; William Moysey; Mr David; Helena Mudler; Philipina K Mueler; Elizabeth Murphy; John Murphy; John Thomas Murphy; Katherine Murphy; Maria Anna Murphy; Mary Ann Murphy; Mary Anna Murphy; Mary Murphy; Most Murphy; Patrick Murphy; William Henry Murphy; Lucy Murray; William Murshcel; Musical Union; Muskrats; Myrtle; Mystic 
N Kelley & Co; N Kelley quarry; National Geodetic Survey; Nebraska; Nervous Fever; Clara Nichols; David Nichols; Noble & Co; North Bass Island; North side store; North Star; North Western University; North Woods; Northern Ohio Hospital; Northern Ohio Telephone Co; Northwest; Notary Public; Mary Novack
Sarah O’Neill; Oat crop; Oberlin College; Ohio Regular Baptist Home and Camp; Carolina Emilia Ohlemacher; Elizabeth Ohlemacher; Fredericka Ohlemacher; Henry Ohlemacher; Mina Ohlemacher; Minnie Ohlemacher; Rekia Ohlemacher; Wilhemina Ohlemacher; Old Cub; Mr Olier; Olive; Oneida; Opera House; Organ; Christina Orman; Della Osborn; Osurgo
Pacific; Ira A Paine; Katherine Parkeson; Michael Parkeson; Sarah Parkeson; Rev Edward L Parks; Hanna Parr; Peach trees; Peaches; Crawford Peaches; Pearl; Pears; Pelee Island; Cornelius Perguson; Michel Perguson; Sarah Perguson; Ed Perkinson; Carolina Peters; Captain J D Peterson; Carlie Peterson; Ernest Pfaff; Henry Pfaff; May Pfaff; Catherina Pfeil; Philadelphia Zoological Gardens; Lillian Phinney; Piano; Plaster Bed; Maude Ploeger; Plums; Florence Pohorence; Frank Pohorence; Point au Pelee; Point au Pelee Island; Point au Pelee; Annie Poland; E E Poppeton; H H Poppeton; Port Clinton; Post Office; Potato crop; Potter; Pound Boat; Prayer meeting; Mrs J P Preston; Rev J P Preston; Albert Pringnitz; Elizabeth Pringnitz; Emma Pringnitz; Harry Pringnitz; Henry Pringnitz; Herbert Huldreich Pringnitz; Herbert Pringnitz; Maria Pringnitz; Mary Pringnitz; Sarah Pringnitz; Printing Press; Put-in-Bay; Put-in-Bay baseball club; Put-in-Bay Cable Co; Put-in-Bay Co.
Quadrille Band; Quarry blasting; Quarry drilling; Quarry powder house; Quarry stone; Quarry workers; Quarry; black powder; Quarry; blasting; Quarry; dynamite; Quarry; North Side; Quarry; steam drills; Quarry; West; Quarry; West Bay; Margaret Quigley; Anna Quinn; Charles Quinn; James Quinn
R. B. Hayes; R. N. Rice; Barbara Raab; Johanna Raab; Ansel Randall; Barbara Ranft; George Ranft; John Ranft; Lizzie Ranft; Margreth Ranft; Maria Ranft; Mary Ranft; Range light; Range lights; William Rankin; Rats; William Ray; Reading Room; Helena Rehberg; William Rehberg; Sophia Rehbert; Frank Reimheimer; Eliza Reinheimer; George Reinheimer; Henry Reinheimer; John Reinheimer; Julia Reinheimer; Laura Reinheimer; Lizzie Reinheimer; Mary Reinheimer; Reinheimer’s dock; Mary Ann Reisler; Anna Reiter; Carrie Reiter; Emma Reiter; George Reiter; John Reiter; Josephine Reiter; Mathilda Reiter; Rosa Reiter; Sophia Reiter; Relief; Carl Renter; Annie Reynolds; Hannah Reynolds; Honora Reynolds; Margaret Reynolds; Michael Reynolds; Nora Reynolds; Jessie/Lulu Rhein; Lewis H Rhein; Louis Rhein; Nancy Rhein; Henry Rheinheimer; Rheumatism; George Rhinehouse; Elizabeth Ricker; Anna Margaret Riedy; Catherina Maria Riedy; Francis Riedy; Francisca M Riedy; Franciska Riedy; Iola Riedy; Johann Baptiste Riedy; John George Riedy; Laurie Riedy; Margaret Riedy; Maria Riedy; Marva Riedy; Mary Riedy; Mrs Francis Riedy; Paulin Riedy; Pauline Riedy; Robert Riedy; Elizabeth Rieneuschueides; Mary Rindfleish; Frank T Ripley; Edward Robinson; Anna Robson; Rockport; John Rodeman; Roesch; Frederick Roesling; Alice Rogue; Charles C Rogue; Ely C Rogue; Gustine C Rogue; Mary Rogue; William C Rogue; Anna Rohrs; Henry Rohrs; William Henry Rohrs; Anna Romann; Michel Romann; Arthur Frederick Rosswurm; Emma Rosswurm; Henry Rosswurm; Christine Roth; Frederick Roth; Henry Roth; Mary Ann Rourke; May Rudolph; Elizabeth Rummschneider; Rush State Bank; Anna Rush; Annie Rush; Belle Rush; Elizabeth Rush; Jacob Rush; Mary Rush; Mathias Rush; Sara Rush; Sarah Rush; Thomas Rush; Edna S Rush
S. B. Conklin; Saginaw; Saloon; Sampson; Samson; Sandusky & Kelley’s Island Cable Co; Sandusky Fish Co; Joseph Santry; Katie Santry; Sault Ste Marie; John Savenack; Lenora Jane Savenack; Mary Savenack; Barbara Saylor; Elisabeth Saylor; George H Saylor; John Saylor; Martin Saylor; Schaedler and Rhein Winery; Schaedler Winery; Andrew Schaedler; Annie Schaedler; August Schaedler; baby Schaedler; Christiana Schaedler; Christina Schaedler; Clara Schaedler; George W Schaedler; Gertrude Schaedler; Harry Schaedler; Henry Schaedler; John Schaedler; Julia Schaedler; Lottie Schaedler; Mary Schaedler; Schardt Hotel; Schardt House; Adam Schardt; George Schardt; Schardt’s Hall; Schardt’s Hotel; Arnold Scheele; Caroline Scheele; Carrie Scheele; Henry Scheele; Raymond Scheele; Philip Schenkel; Fred Schipple; Henry Schlesselman; Julia Schlesselman; Mary Schlesselman; William Schlesselman; Alfred Schlumbum; Frederick Schlumbum; Katherina Schlumbum; Anna Schmidt; Bridget Schmidt; Edmond Schmidt; Florina Schmidt; Frank Schmidt; Frank J Schmidt; Frank Joseph Schmidt; Gertrude Schmidt; Helena Schmidt; John Schmidt; Josephine Schmidt; Lauther Schmidt; Magdalena Schmidt; Mary Schmidt; Schnoor; School; School Board; School Directors; School house; School Spirit; School teacher; Catholic School; School; Compulsory Education; District 1 School; District 2 School; East End School; Estes School; Grammar School; high School; North side School; Sabbath School; Stone School; Sunday School; Elizabeth Schuck; Scott Law; Sea Gull; Edith Mary Seaton; Hattie Seaton; James [Seton] Seaton; Seeholzer & Son Winery; Carl Seeholzer; Charles Seeholzer; Charlie Seeholzer; Hugo Seeholzer; Jim Seeholzer; Sophia Seeholzer; Katherina Seeholzer; Tresse Seeholzer; Elizabeth Selfe; James Selfe; Jennie Selfe; Senator; Arthur Seton; Clifford Seton; Harriet Seton; Hattie Seton; James Seton; Mrs James Seton; Sewing Machine; Sewing Society; Appolonia Seylor; Elda Shaw; wagon Shed; Sheep; Dr Sheldon; Sheriff’s sale; Shipwreck; Shiveree; Shoe shop; Shoemaker; Shooting tournament; Shooting; glass balls; Shooting; White Champion badge; plank sidewalks; Siegel; Rudolph Sifield; Signal Service Corps; Signal Station; W A Simpson; William A Simpson; W J Slackford; Slaughter house; Bridget Slaven; Patrick Slaven; Robert Joseph Slaven; Alice Slavin; Sled riding; Sleigh ride; Sleigh; two horse Sleigh; Alice Smith; Carolina Smith; Caroline Smith; Catherine Smith; E Smith; Frank Smith; George Smith; James Smith; Katie Smith; Laura Smith; Lena Smith; Mary Smith; Mary Ann Smith; N John Smith; Nicholas Smith; Nick Smith; Patrick Smith; William Smith; Willie Smith; Black racer Snake; Blue Racer Snake; diamond back Snake; Fox Snake; Garden Snake; Garter Snake; Hognose Snake; rattlesnake Snake; red-striped Snake; Timber rattlesnake; Water Snake; Mary Snakosky; Jasper Snide; South Bass Island; M M Spangler; Dr Jane Spaulding; Spiritualism; Joan Sprandel; Judson Sprandel; St Louis Exposition; St. Michael’s church; St. Michael’s Society; Stable; M E Stafford; Stang & Kuebler; Frank Stang; Stannard’s Rock Lighthouse; Starve Island; State fish hatchery; Steam Engine; Steamboat explosion; Giles B. Stebins; Andre Steiger; Charle Steiger; Elizabet Steiger; John Steiger; William Steiger; Edna Mary Sternberger; Frederick Sternberger; Katie Sternberger; Christian Sternburger; Charles Stephen Stokes; Honora Stokes; John Stokes; Robert Stokes; William P Stokes; Andrew Stoll; Helena Stoll; Herbert Stoll; Fanny Stoltz; Fannie Stolz; Stone driller; Stone fences; Store on the Corner; Store; north side; Storm; Stove; George Strasser; Straw; Strawberries; Sub marine cable; Suicide; Sulphur; Summer Complaint; Sweet Valley Wine Co; Major Swigart
Target shooting; Joshua Taylor; Teacher; false Teeth; Telegraph; Telegraph Cable; Telephone; Sandusky Telephone; Honora Terney; Mr Thayer; The Villa; Annie Thein; Theo Voges; Katherina Thielemann; Katie Thielemann; Andrew Thompson; Tiber River; Alfred Titus; G Titus; Harriet Titus; James Titus; Jared Titus; John Titus; Lydia Titus; Mehitable Titus; Mrs John Titus; Sara K Titus; Sarah Titus; Tobacco; Toledo Produce Exchange; C C Townley; Charlie Townley; Grace Townley; Lulu Townley; Mame Townley; John Tremach; Vernon Tressel; Catharina Trieschman; Clara Trieschman; Trieschman’s butcher shop; Julia Henry Trieschmann; Trieschmann; Trieschmann’s meat market; H Troeschs; Ezekiel True; Tuberculosis; Tweedney; Ann Twidney; Elizabeth Twidney; William Twidney; Twine shanty; W S Tyler; Typhoid Fever; Typhus
U S Coast Survey; U S Express Co; Uncle Jimmy; Undertaker; Unique Marker Yacht Club; Upp Hotel; H B Upp; Henry Upp
Mary Valen; Valentines Day; Clarence Van Woven; Elisabeth Van Woven; John Van Woven; Clara VanNostrand; Hattie VanNostrand; Norman VanNostrand; Hattie Vanostrand; John Vemetz; Mary Vergoschick; Michel Vergoschick; Charles Viets; Henrietta Viets; Clara Vietz; Villa; John Vincent; Selina Vincent; Walter Edward Vincent; Vineyard drainage; Violin; Jacob Voght; Appolonia Vogt; Jacob Vogt; Caspar Voight; Jacob Vollmer; Magdalena Vollmer; Susan Vollmer; Volunteer; Vulcan
Wabash Railroad Co; Annie Walen; Lottie Walkens; Maria Anna Wallace; Mary Ann Wallace; Nora Walsh; Walter; War of 1812; Alice Carding Ward; Alice Leonard Ward; Anna Ward; Annie Ward; Burt Ward; Carl Ward; Clarence Ward; Ed Ward; Grace Ward; Harrie Ward; Hettie Ward; Katherina Ward; Katie Ward; Laura Ward; Lissa Ward; Lizzie Ward; Maude Ward; Nina Ward; Rush Carlos Ward; Ruth Emily Ward; Thomas F Ward; Uri Ward; Charlotte Watkins; George Watkins; James Watkins; Julana Watkins; Juliana Watkins; Kim Watkins; Lotta Watkins; Rob Watkins; Belle Webb; Isabella Webb; Mrs E K Webb; William S Webb; A Wehrle Jr; Andrew Wehrle; Wehrle; Werk & Co; Wehrle; Werk & Son; Wehrle’s Hall; Charles B Wells; Mary Wells; Honora Welsh; Barbara Wendinger; West Bay; West Bay Inn; A J West; A K West; Wm T West; Western Reserve Historical Society; Western Union Telegraph Co; Christina Wetzel; William Wetzel; Wheat; Whiskey; White fish; Delilah Whitney; H R Whitney; Whitworth & Quinn; Whooping cough; Wig Wam; George Wilds; William Hunter; Dr Williams; M . Williams; Elisabeth Williamson; Wind mill; Wine; Wine barrels; Wine casks; Wine Cellar Property; Wine Cellar; Wine filter; Wine sold; adulterated Wine; Brandy Wine; California Wine; Catawba Wine; Champagne Wine; Claret Wine; Delaware Wine; Oporto Wine; Red Wine; Sweet Wine; John Wing; Mary Wing; Rev J Winslow; Della Winzler; Elizabeth Winzler; F S Winzler; George Winzler; Hilda Winzler; Franziska Woerber; Cecilia Wolf; Emil Wolf; Minna Wolf; Woodford & Stokes; Charles Woodford; Corydon Woodford; Francis Millard Woodford; Frank Woodford; Homer Woodford; J F Woodford; J T Woodford; Jesse Woodford; John Woodford; John T Woodford; Maude Woodford; Rosetta Woodford; Sarah Woodford
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Young Peoples Library Association; Elizabeth Young; M C Younglove; M L Younglove; Maria Younglove; Moses C Younglove; Fredericka Youngman; Albert Zeh; Rosina Zeh; Alucios Zehringer; Anselm Zehringer; Katherina Zehringer; Anna Zorenda