Did you ever wonder what they talked about at the Township and Council meetings of long ago? The full Minutes books are located at the Village Office. But…

Thanks to our local author and historian, Leslie Korenko, we have transcriptions of some of the more interesting parts of the official minutes of this little Island.
Some items include the cost of maintaining a prisoner in the jail, accepting Huntington’s Lane as a Village road, the proposed quarry railroad, the hearse, maintaining Kelley’s Hall, how the cemetery expanded and who bought lots, regulation of Saloons and bicycles, and a host of private complaints that found a voice at these meetings. To read the Village Minutes from long ago – just click these links:

Township Minutes 1865-1883
These minutes were transcribed from microfilm by Leslie Korenko.
Along with election results, these records contain some interesting items including these. In 1869 Wm. Becker registered these ear marks for 7 pigs: A slit in left ear and round hole in right ear. March 1873 – Kelley’s Hall is released to the village and improvements and repairs begin (roof, ceiling, vestibule, etc). July 1873 (now part of E. Lakeshore) petition for a new road commencing on the South Shore of the Island at or near the residence James Estes and following the shore to where it intersects with the County Road. At Addison Kelley and Jacob Hay’s land. 1881 After the cemetery transferred to the township, additional land is purchased. Between 1875 and 1892 8 people (mostly women) filed this: “Whereas the said (person’s name) is a person in the habit of getting intoxicated, this is to forbid all persons from selling or giving to my husband, said (person), any intoxicating liquor or liquors, and I further aver, that I will prosecute any person or persons, who may give or sell said (person) any liquors after this date. Signed ……

Village Council Minutes 1890-1899
Along with election results you can find some interesting items including ordinances (saloon hours limits, bicycle regulation for speed, etc), requests for RR crossings of Village streets for the quarry, lots of discussion about Huntington Lane, the Island hearse, cemetery lot sales and sandstone sidewalks to replace plank ones.