Here is the index to the 7th book in the Extraordinary History of Kelleys Island series.
Kelleys Island 1894 by Leslie Korenko

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A Wherle Jr.; American Eagle
Bartsche, Charles; Elizabeth Bartsche; Jacob Bartsche; Base ball; Bauer & Schnaltter; William Becker; Capt. Otto Beimiller; Bicycles; Bing’s Dept. Store; Bishop & Pediger; Adolph Bishop; Estella Blatt; Sarah Blatt; Brass Band; John Brennan; George Brown; Lewis Brown; Mary Brown; Otto Brown; Walter Brown; William Burger,
Jessie Carpenter; Carpenter, Lester; Carpenter’s Grove; Carrie Lewis Troupe; Cattanauch, Hugh; Celery; Cesspools; Chisholm, Hattie; Church, Congregational; Church, Evangelical; City of Sandusky; Collector of the Port; Collins, E. R.; Collins, Frank; Congregational Church; Consumption of the bowels; Coote, Maggie; Coutcher, January; Coutcher’s Saloon; Curculio
Dance; Arthur Dean; Eddie Dean; Elizabeth Clark Dean; John Dean; Lute Dean; Perry Dean; Walter Dean; William H Diffley; Dilgart & Bittner; Dock, Carpenter’s; Dock, Upper; Capt Dodge; Mame Duignan; Mrs Duignan; B F Dwelle; Nelson Dwelle; Rose Dwelle,
Beatrice Earl; Gus Elfers; Henry Elfers; Herbert Elfers; Barbara Elmlinger; Epidemic; Erie; Carl Erne; Alfred/Alphonse Erne; Amanda Erne; Charles Erne; Fredolina Erne; Lena Erne; Alfred Erney; Charles Erney,
Clara Fann; Dr. George Fann; Ina Fann; Mary Fanning; Charles Fischer; Fish & Game Committee; Fish Commission; Fish, Big Mouth Bass; Fish, Black Bass; Fish, Catfish, Fish, German Carp; Fish, Perch; Fish, Pickeral; Fish, Sauger; Fish, Sturgeon; Fish, White Fish; Fishing, gill nets; Fishing Pound; Captain Fox; Fox farm; Frank E. Kirby
General Store; Gill nets; Gill Netters Assoc.; John Gossy; Grape Grower’s Assoc.; Grape worm; John Graves; Green Island
James Hamilton, , Laura Hamilton; Haskell wine; Franklin Hauser; Miss Hayes; Elizabeth Hesse; Himmelein House; Ada Himmelein; John Himmelein; Himmelein’s orchestra; Charles Hipp; Frank Hipp; Leonard Hipp; Mary Hipp; Hudson Dept. Store; Michael Hughes; Emeline Huntington; Erastus Huntington; S A Huntington; Simon Huntington; Stella Huntington
Ice house; Ina
Julia; Justice of the Peace
Kamp Kellisle; Henry Kastning; Adolphus Kelley; Charles W Kelley; Datus Kelley; Flora Kelley; G A Kelley; George Kelley; Henry Clay Kelley; Irving Kelley; J W Kelley; Marcella D Kelley; Martha J Kelley; Norman Kelley; Kelley’s Hall; Kelley’s Island Dock & Steamboat Co.; Kelley’s Island Gill Netters Assoc.; Kelley’s Island Lime & Transport Co.; Kelley’s Island Lime Co.; Kelley’s Island Wine Co.; Kelley’s Pond; Knights & Ladies of Honor; Frank Kiech; Caroline Koster; Koster’s Winery; Jacob Kuebeler
Frank Lange; Patrick Laydan; Leroy Brooks; Patrick Leyden; Life Saving Crew; Lincoln Club; Louise
Maccabees; Captain Magle; Mail boat; Mail Carrier; Frank Martin; Fred Martin; Edward May; Eugene McFall; Edward McGettigan; Elizabeth McGettigan; James McGettigan; Joseph McGettigan; Katherine McGettigan; Mary McGettigan; Mischler’s butcher shop; Monaghan, Patrick; Moore, Captain Ort; Prof Mosely; Mouse Island; G Murphy; L F Murray
Naturalization; Rev Nueudorf
Oberlin College; Maggie O’Rourke; Michael O’Rourke
Pelee Island; James H. Pellett; Petrel; Pfann, see Fann; Pneumonia; T Pitt; Plums; Population; J W Post; Postmaster; Emma Pringnitz; Herbert Pringnitz; Put-in-Bay
Quarry, North side; Quarry; Charles Quinn
R. B. Hayes; Charles Reinehimer; John Bonapart Reinhaimer; Eliza Reinheimer; John Reinheimer; Reinheimer’s dock; Rose Reiter; Rev Rettig; Louis Rhein; Henry Riedy; Robert Wayne Troupe; Jessie Robertson; Rockport; Esther Roswurm; Philip Roswurm
Saloon; Sandusky Fish Co.; Sault St. Marie; Schaedler & Rhein Wine Co.; August Schaedler; Christina Schaedler; Clara Schaedler; John Schaedler; Philip Schaedler; George Schardt; Lena Schardt; Schardt’s Hall; Albert Schlesselman; Carl Schlesselman; W Schlesselman; School Board; School, East end; School, High; Charles Seeholzer; Charles Seton; Sewage; Dr Sheldon; Shoe shop; Clare Simmons; Louis Smith; Maggie Smith; Soo, see Sault St. Marie; St. Michael’s Church; Standard Oil; Stang & Kuebeler; State Fish & Game Commission; Steamboat dock; Christian Sternberger; Charles Sternenburger; Suffrage; Summer Resort organization; Sweet Valley Wine Co.
Telegraph; The Lodge; Lewis C Titus; William H Titus; Toledo White Lime Co.; George Francis Train; Clara Trieschmann; Ann Twidney; Typhoid; Norman C Upp
Value City Furniture; Dr. Vincente Vera; Vigilant; Clarence Augustus Vincent; Visitor; Anna Voght; Jacob Voght,
Katie Wahl; Edward Ward; U L Ward; Water works; George Watkins; Robert Wayne; Weather Bureau; Bertha Weil; Jacob Weis; West Bay Inn; William Wetzel; Ernest Whitney; Ethel Whitney; Wild Rice; Wine Company Road; Wine labels; Richard (Windy) Wingate, Woman’s Suffrage Society
Allie Zehringer; Anselm Zehringer; Anton Zehringer; Mary Zehringer

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